Website Research 1

Our first research assignment in class was to locate three well designed websites, as well as one that is not aesthetically pleasing.

The three successful sites include:

1.  I chose this site due to how easy it is for users to navigate around, as well as how the simple background and text color allows the pictures posted to be the main focus on the page. I also enjoy the way that the design incorporates the idea of this site being similar to a board to which a person could pin up a picture or saying they enjoy. The different sections displayed at the top of the page also make browsing much easier, for it allows users to narrow their results.  This design relates directly to the type of display signs as well as products this retail clothing store features. The colors featured within the site are all soft, and allow the bright colors of the clothing to come forward. The site keeps a consistent navigation bar on each page which makes browsing easier and also have a similar way of displaying their garments to keep the page from being too busy.  This is a site displaying the work of Charley Harper, and one aspect which I found successful was immediately upon opening the page, viewers are shown large examples of his art. This site also has a limited and simple color palette, with an illustration done by the artist consistently placed at the top of each page. Designers of this site also made shopping online easier for each work has a large photograph available to view so that customers may get a full feel for his art.

The poorly designed site is located at


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