Monthly Archives: March 2012

In class we have been working on perfecting our portfolio sites before the end of the semester, and mine has been coming along pretty smoothly. Work still needs to be done on the navigation site to ensure it looks the way I would like, as well as making sure nothing shifts when visiting each individual page. I also need to include descriptions of each of the examples of work I have displayed on the site, a very crucial aspect to be added. Overall I’m happy with the design, it is very simple and the black and white suits my own personal taste, as well as the addition of the rollover color images on my work page.



With my junior year in school fast approaching, I figured it was time to build a resume to start applying for internships and graphic design jobs in the area. I haven’t had any formal direction on how to make one, however the web is always helpful when I don’t know where to begin with something! I found this really helpful graphic design blog discussing what you should and shouldn’t put in a resume, particularly pertaining to graphic designers. So to all you fellow undergraduates in the dark on this process, hopefully this will shed some light as it did for me..

I recently read a really helpful blog giving tips on successful blogging. I have really enjoyed the experience of blogging weekly for web, however I would like to start my own personal blog but am a bit lost on where to begin. The link below is to the blog discussing the tips, and I have also listed them below:

– Top Tips for Beginner (and Experienced!) Bloggers –
Blog for yourself. Blogging is about you; a place for your likes, desires, thoughts, and feelings. Write, share, and express as if no one is reading. If you are concerned with comments and followers, they will come in time. My first few months of blogging I had 2 followers (my boyfriend and myself), about 100 visitors per month (again, probably all my boyfriend and myself) and maybe a comment every ten posts or so. I put the whole number thing out of my head and continued to focus on what my blog meant to me. After a while I looked up and noticed that people started to trickle in here and there. While it has always meant the world to me to have others visit, read, and share, I still try and focus on why I started my blog and stick to blogging for those reasons alone.

Be honest. If there is one thing blogging has taught me, it’s that truth in what you write is of the utmost importance. I have been disappointed and hurt as a fan of some blogs that I realized were pulling the wool over my eyes. Stories weren’t adding up; convictions in old posts didn’t match those in newer posts; the list could go on. Respect your readers and visitors enough to be honest with them. They are intelligent and will always figure out if honesty is being compromised.

Communicate. Not only is blogging about sharing your own life and inspirations, but it’s about connecting with others. If someone is kind enough to take time to read your post and comment on it, then if it all possible, return the gesture. If you are the one who comments first, be genuine. Saying things like “come read my blog” or “follow me and I’ll follow you back” only turns people away. Read the post and comment as if you were talking with a friend. I’ve been surprised by the lifelong friendships formed from blogging, and I’ve found that having a network of blogging friends makes the experience all the more valuable and meaningful.

When beginning designing my own personal portfolio website, one place I found very helpful was the site SIteInspire.

I think it is important to know what’s going on currently within web design, and this site enables visitors to search pages within different categories such as portfolio sites, minimal sights or ones using large images within the background. After looking through several sites I made note of aspects I would like to use in my own once we begin coding in Dreamweaver, such as a blink of color when rolling over navigation links, a more asymmetrical layout, as well as images blinking color upon rollover. I had some trouble with deciding which images I should use on the home page of my site, so I think further research on that will definitely help my overall product.