Code Notes

Personal Site:

1. Only apply a float after header/navigation, as long as height is determined there shouldn’t be a problem.

2.If you need assistance with new tabs introduced, CSS 3, W3schools and Google are all great resources, can search for CSS rounded corners.

3.Creating opacity, in style tab (goes from 0-1, so 0.4 is about 40%) type in Opacity:0.4; Filter: alpha (opacity-40); /* for IE8 and earlier*/

4. The p tab we have been running is generic, therefore if you need it to be more controlled, in style tab would type .content_column_c p{} put font information in the brackets.

5. Different opacity approach-take out opacity and filter lines, make new image that is 1 pixel by 1 pixel and fill with black. Then bring opacity to 40 and save this as PNG-24 with transparency on. Then in html, background-image: (Select image just created, this essentially preserves color of text and runs opacity in background as a single image.)

6.Rounded corners- in style type moz-border-radius:30px; border-radius:30px;

7.Lightbox demo-Lightbox matrix link is on the Web 1 site, lists clones of lightbox, fancybox is what is used in our class. When putting an animation on an image, the a href goes to a large image and the a id goes to a thumbnail, keep the large image around 900 to 80 pixels. If the image is in a list the code should look like: <li><a id=”example 3″ href=”images/zoom/dust.jpg”><img src=”images/asb.png” alt=”ASB”/></a></li>

8.Making clicking on the email link of site open mail with your address listed: Email: <script>noHarvest( );</script> <script language=”Javascript” type=”text/javascript”> goes above and close with </script> below. <script language=”Javascript” type=”text/javascript”> var name=’lam127′; var server=’zips.uakron’; var suffix=’.edu’; function noHarvest( ) {document.write(‘<a href=”‘ + ‘mailto:’ + name + ‘@’ + sever + suffix + ‘”>’ + name + ‘@’ + server + suffix ‘</a>); } </script>


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